Monter is the leader in strategic branding development in Melbourne and Singapore. We advise local and International groups, large mid-market companies and the professional services sector in mission-critical situations and on an on-going basis.

Australian Office


Melbourne, Australia

+613 96453274

About the office

The Melbourne office oversees all client engagements and streamlines client experiences. Established in 2011 by Justin Hoang, the team of 16 strategy, creative, development and digital experts is focused on building brands, supporting clientele and delivering exceptional audience experiences.

Singapore Office


Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1, Level 11, 8 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018981

+65 66534123

About the office

The Singapore office was established to focus on Branding Strategy and Brand Management for our Asian client network. Our members consist of Brand Strategists and Client Experience Managers providing guidance to creative, development and digital experts.

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